Wilson Lee’s 1-on-1

Share feedback and discuss opportunities for improvement
Gabriel Guevara
Design Operations Manager

I feel so much more prepared and confident going into meetings. Rather than winging it, I’m organized now.

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What's in this template?

Wilson Lee is an experienced sales professional who has helped teams like Hired, Sama, and Rockpaper get their sales teams off the ground. He’s been on both sides of the 1-on-1 experience, with his manager and with his direct reports.

“A 1-on-1 is my time to be proactive about my career and discuss the best ways for me to continue to improve.”

Giving and receiving feedback is the most important of 1-on-1s and he incorporates this into his meeting agendas.


What I think I'm doing well

Celebrate any wins, improvements, or things done well

What I want to improve on

Share any opportunities for improvement

Discuss themes

Decide what themes to focus on and diver deeper

30 minutes
2 people
Once per week

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