Weekly sync-up

Get on the same page and help each other improve
What's in this template?

A weekly sync-up meeting is ideal for busy executives who need to make big decisions that impact other teams. For example, the Head of HR and Head of Finance may have teams working on the same projects and will need to make sure they’re on the same page.

A sync-up meeting shouldn’t just be a status report, it should be a place where you make decisions and discuss how you can help each other. In this agenda you can check-in with each other on a personal level, but also dig into some of the team challenges you may be facing. You can review any relevant metrics together to make sure you’re on track and request help or share feedback to help foster a culture of continual improvement.


How have you been feeling about home, work, and everything in between?

Team update

Discuss the wins, losses, and challenges your team is experiencing


Review your progress on short and long term goals


Where can I improve? How can I better support you?

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