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What's in this template?

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) is a goal-setting methodology that has been used by some of the world’s leading organizations in order to get results. OKRs give your team unified alignment in your vision and direction, and transparency and clarity for everyone on your team. Your team has the freedom to come up with creative solutions within a non-controlling boundary. 

OKRs must translate from theory into real work. The more goals you choose, the less focus and progress you will gain among your team. Objectives are the goal you want to achieve and key results are how you measure whether you achieved that goal or not. Start with two objectives and three key results for each objective (six in total). Are your OKRs aggressive, yet achievable? Concrete, yet concise?  Does it move the needle on what’s most important? Is everyone willing and able to commit to achieving this?

Example objective:

Improve satisfaction with tech services among internal stakeholders

Example of key results: 

  • Delivering an average of 4.85-star ratings for all service requests in Q1
  • Increasing first-response resolutions of high severity issues to 85% by March 15
  • Spending >30% of resources time to complete Q1 portfolio projects approved by the executive team

Use this OKRs planning meeting agenda template to determine these with your team. Once you have your OKRs, share them with everyone, and translate each choice into actionable, incremental work. Don’t stop reviewing and refining your OKRs by using our OKRs review meeting agenda template every 3-4 months.


Who do we want to become?


What are our qualitative priorities?

Key results

How will we know we achieved our objectives?


What projects will accomplish our key results?


What work must be done next?

90 - 120 minutes
2 - 8 people
Once per year

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