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Stay on top of marketing goals, share learnings, and remove obstacles
Gabriel Guevara
Design Operations Manager

I feel so much more prepared and confident going into meetings. Rather than winging it, I’m organized now.

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What's in this template?

In any given marketing meeting, you might be digging into campaign analytics, giving creative feedback, managing a blog, or trying to keep the whole company on top of your brand and messaging. It’s easy to go down a rabbit hole in a meeting on any of these initiatives. It can be especially difficult if you need extra explanations for non-marketing team members like engineers or designers. Once you’re down the rabbit hole, there’s not much time left for focusing on what really matters: strategy and making decisions.

To make the most of your short time together, everyone should come to the meeting prepared and understand the context of the discussion. With this template, you can add data to review ahead of time so the rest of the meeting is spent on important discussions and decisions. 

You might include campaign results for everyone to reflect on before the meeting so you can discuss solutions during the meeting. You might add a list of decisions that need to be made by the end of the meeting so everyone can brainstorm and come prepared for the conversation. Add the most important details before the meeting so your team can have a productive discussion.

Team updates

Give a short update on what’s going well, what’s not, and how we can help

Goal performance

Review the relevant data and how this lines up with our goals


Based on our metrics, what critical decisions need to be made?


What experiments are we running, what are the results, and what’s next


List any potential roadblocks and how we can help


Share any blogs, podcasts, trends, influencers, or other helpful resources

60 - 90 minutes
2 - 8 people
Once per month

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