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Brainstorm content ideas and create a plan of action for making it happen
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What's in this template?

Coming up with new content that your readers love can be difficult. There is so much content out there already that it needs to be innovative, incredibly helpful, and use clear examples in order for it to resonate with your audience. When getting together with your content team, you’ll need to determine what you want to achieve with this next round of content. There might be certain themes to consider based on what’s happening in the world of your customers. 

Simply brainstorming content can get out of hand quickly, so set a timer for when you’d like to stop and decide which ideas to move forward with. As the meeting progresses, dig into the content details so everyone has a better idea of the theme, key points to cover, who it’s assigned to, and important deadlines.

Content planning is a team effort and the process needs to be structured in order to be successful and focused on the same goals. 

Content review

Review what content has worked for us and what we want to test next


What do we want to achieve with this next round of content? What theme?


Share ideas for differents types and titles for content


Which ideas will help achieve our goal? Write a short outline for each one.


Discuss the timeline and who is responsible for each piece of content

60 - 90 minutes
2 - 6 people
Once every 2-4 weeks

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