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Gabriel Guevara
Design Operations Manager

I feel so much more prepared and confident going into meetings. Rather than winging it, I’m organized now.

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What's in this template?

Human resources teams have more processes to create, implement, and follow than any other team. Between new policies, compliance checks, recruitment, training, budgets (and more!), being in an HR role can be overwhelming. It makes it even more difficult if the team is not on the same page. Because there are so many processes and policies, it can be easy to let your HR meetings become a status report on everything you have in the pipeline. Instead, prepare the data and share it with the team before the meeting so you can use that time as a chance to discuss important challenges you wouldn’t normally have the time for. 

Leading effective HR team meetings can be crucial to making sure your team is aligned, achieving their goals, and doing the very thing they are trying to help the rest of the company do….stay engaged. Use this template to lead structured meetings with your team where you talk about wins, challenges, and evaluate your KPIs. You’ll get more done in meetings which will energize your team, keep them engaged, and ultimately get more done.

Goal performance

Review the relevant data and how this lines up with our goals

Celebrate wins

Highlight your biggest wins and any shoutouts to fellow teammates!


Share and solve any challenges you, the team, or the company are facing

Recruitment update

Reminders for upcoming training requirements or new program projects

Learning and development

Reminders for upcoming training requirements or new program projects

Final housekeeping

What the rest of us need to know

45 - 60 minutes
3 - 8
Once per month

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