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Get honest feedback on what the customer loves about the product and where there’s room for improvement
Gabriel Guevara
Design Operations Manager

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What's in this template?

Asking for your customers’ opinion shows that their thoughts are important to you. You’re involving them in shaping your product which can lead them to be more attached to your business. 

Always start these conversations off with the problem. What problem do they solve for themselves by using this product? Dig deep into the emotional reasons behind the problem. In some cases it may be the problem that inspired you to create the product in the first place, but other times their answer may surprise you. 

Get them talking about what the product is missing. It may solve one aspect of the problem, but is there something else that is still a pain? If they could have a magic wand to create any helpful feature, what would they choose? Next, ask them to share their favorite parts of the product. This will help you understand what features are important to your customers so you can improve them (or at least not remove them). 

They may mention any bugs or issues throughout the conversation, but if they haven’t, ask them if they have experienced any issues with the product lately. See if you can get them to show it to you through a screen share so you know exactly what they mean. Commit to look into it for them (and then do!).

The problem

What problem does this product solve for you?


What problems do you wish the product solves but currently doesn’t?

Favorite features

What are your favorite benefits or features?

Room for improvement

Have you come across any bugs or issues?

30 minutes
2 people
Ad hoc

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