Cross-functional meeting

Share information across teams and determine how each team can help other teams
Lisa Glenn Nobles
Operations Navigator

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What's in this template?

The cross-functional team meeting is one of the best opportunities for teams to work together to achieve a common goal. Differing from a typical team meeting, a cross-functional team meeting ensures that all teams clearly communicate what they need from other teams, and the other teams commit to completing 1-2 of those requests. 

As companies grow, communication becomes siloed and information gets lost along the way. Between differing communication styles, conflicting processes, and various work styles, it can be difficult to move projects along that involve several different departments. Cross-functional team meetings ensure that silos are eliminated and communication is flowing smoothly between teams. Everyone shares in the decision-making process and works towards a common goal. 

We recommend these meetings are held quarterly with all of the department leads. 

Goal performance

Review the relevant data and how this lines up with our goals

Wins and insights

Highlight your biggest wins and any shoutouts to fellow teammates!

Challenges and obstacles

Potential risks or obstacles in achieving our goals

Department needs

List any potential roadblocks and how we can help


Each department commits to 1-2 items on the other departments’ lists

60 - 90 minutes
3 - 8 people
Once per quarter

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