Board meeting

Review important metrics before the meeting in order to use this time to deep dive into important strategic decisions.
Gabriel Guevara
Design Operations Manager

I feel so much more prepared and confident going into meetings. Rather than winging it, I’m organized now.

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What's in this template?

Each organization has unique needs when it comes to discussing the company’s health, profitability, legal matters, the economy, and anything else that may be important at the time. The one thing that is common across all boards is the need to make important strategic decisions. 

This meeting is usually led by the CEO but many startups have been mixing the format up by writing long memos or completely updating the board members ahead of time in order to save the time together for strategic discussions. We like this approach because there are no surprises and the board members can come prepared with questions and ideas. 

In this template, you can decide ahead of time the decisions that you want to focus on, share your thoughts, ideas, and metrics ahead of time, and get some questions and feedback before the meeting even begins. This way everyone comes prepared with all the information they need to have a detailed discussion. 

CEO update

Deliver a short state of the union including highlights and challenges

Goal performance

Review the most important metrics that show where the company stands

Deep dive discussion

The 1-2 main strategic questions we’ll dive into today


Record the decisions made and the resulting action items

60 - 90 minutes
3 - 8 people
Once per quarter

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