We make meetings more meaningful

 Meetings are draining our resources and our morale, but they don’t have to. We believe that every meeting matters.

Meetings are the epicenter of every team's culture

Everyone wants better results. The company shareholders, your CEO, your boss, your team, and yeah, especially you. We’re all on the hunt for the secret to explosive growth and we scramble for new approaches to strategy, planning, goal-setting, and people management. But none of these places are where our behavior originates. 


It’s not that those other approaches to leadership matter less, it’s about what comes first. Meetings are the epicenter of every team’s culture and where improvement-focused work begins. Every conversation you share in a meeting is an opportunity to move the needle on what matters most. 


The problem is that none of us are ever taught how to lead effective meetings. We learn from our managers, who learned from their managers, and so on. Too many meetings, disorganized meetings, actionless meetings — we’re all familiar with the problems with meetings.

 And yet the endless cycle continues until someone like you stops to think:

"There has to be a better way."

We’re on a mission to help teams work better together

Meetings are where people come together to look forward, look back, solve problems, collaborate, negotiate, and so much more. Meetings shouldn’t keep you from the work that matters, they should accelerate your team’s work.


We believe every meeting matters and that’s why we created Mindup. It’s a place for leaders to share productive conversations and enable teams to collaborate and achieve better results. 


It’s time to turn your monthly report-out meeting (a.k.a. snoozefest) into a high-level decision-making meeting. Turn your one-on-ones into a fulfilling conversation that drives the performance of your direct reports. And turn all of your meetings from boring and chaotic to helpful and organized. 

You thought there has to be a better way, and there is—Mindup.

Before Mindup

  • Your team meetings often go down rabbit holes and the quality varies from one week to the next.
  • You feel like meetings take you away from doing the work that truly matters
  • You aren’t hitting your goals because the work you’re doing isn’t aligned with the strategy. 
  • Meeting invites annoy your team and they feel like meetings are a waste of their time.
  • Discussed work often gets left in the gutter because there’s no accountability among your team.
  • Your team doesn’t come prepared so meetings often become a status update or “report-out.”
  • Your direct reports don’t have dedicated time or a structured approach to sharing their feedback with you.
  • You’re up at night thinking about how to fix your immediate problems.

After Mindup

  • Every meeting is focused and you get twice as much done.
  • Meetings are where you get important work done which accelerates your work outside the meeting.
  • You and your team feel energized because you see significant progress on your goals in each meeting.
  • Your team feels appreciated that you respect their time and they push harder to get results.
  • Action items are assigned to one person with a due date so no tasks get left behind.
  • Everyone prepares ahead of time so you can have real conversations about the work that matters.
  • Your team feels comfortable bringing up sensitive feedback because you’ve provided the space.
  • You’re unstressed, sleeping well, and dreaming about what the future holds.

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